Uploading New Account lists

Why Upload a New Account List? 

  • Analysts may have already extracted a specific set of company_ids they would like to filter reports by.
  • Sales Managers may want to view the attribution report by only the company_ids sent over in a TSV from their third party advertising partner.
  • You have a CSV of company_ids you want to use to filter dashboards.

Navigate to the lists tab of CaliberMind. You will see a button to add a new list with sql (blue circle with a +) and a second to upload a list of account_ids (blue cloud with an upwards arrow).

To upload your list of account_ids click on the blue cloud with the upwards arrow.

You will see an UPLOAD FILE pop up. Name the list with a minimum of 5 characters.

Click on SELECT FILE and it will open a file explorer window for you to find the file on your system. You may upload a CSV or TSV file type. 

You will see UPLOAD FILE Working… status bar until the upload has completed and it will take you to the editor view for your new list.

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