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Why Connect Facebook

Facebook has recently become a great channel for B2B Lead Generation, Promoted Ads and Retargeting. CaliberMind can help optimize the investment in Facebook advertising and analyze the true ROI of your marketing campaigns! When done, you confidently answer:

  • Which ad campaigns and groups perform best?
  • For each dollar spent on advertising, how many dollars do I get back in marketing attribution?
  • Which ads have the highest conversion rates and lowest cost-per-lead?

These metrics are typically elusive to marketers because the Ad Platform doesn't connect to the CRM and Web Activity log. CaliberMind Allows this!

How to Connect Facebook

Follow our setup guide to connect Facebook Ad Account to CaliberMind:


To connect Facebook Ad Account to CaliberMind, you need a Facebook account with permission to access data from ad accounts you'd like to sync.

Setup Instructions

To authorize CaliberMind to connect to your Facebook Ad Account, follow these instructions:

  1. Click Authorize. This will authorize CaliberMind to access Facebook Marketing APIs using OAuth 2.0 Protocol.
  2. Select the Sync Mode you'd like to use: Sync All Accounts or Sync Specific Accounts. If you select Sync Specific Accounts, select which specific accounts you'd like to sync.
  3. Click Save & Test. CaliberMind will take it from here and sync your data from your Facebook Ad Account account.

Type of Facebook Connections

The following [Pull] Facebook connections are available (under the Pull Connections tab):

  1. Facebook Ad Insights - Ads
  2. Facebook Ad Account
  3. Facebook Pages

For Facebook Ad Insights, you can choose from:

You'll need to connect all to properly prepare source data for ROAS Reporting. We recommend adding all Facebook connectors and all Facebook reports.
  1. Facebook Ad Insights - Ads
  2. Facebook Ad Insights - Ad Sets
  3. Facebook Ads Insights - Campaigns

If you would like to retrieve Facebook Lead Ads (that could also possibly sync with your CRM), go to the Push Connections tab and click on the Facebook Leads connection:

Additional Facebook Tracking Requirements

  1. Make sure AnalyticsJS PAGE and IDENTIFY calls are enabled on your marketing website. (This may require help from your web team)
  2. Make sure all Facebook URLs have the proper tracking parameters:
    1. Campaign ID (typically hsa_cam)**
    2. Ad ID (typically hsa_ad)**
    3. UTM_source ((typically utm_source)

Example URL


**if you wish to use another naming convention for your URL parameters, we recommend you speak to your customer success manager to adjust your system views.

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