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Reusing Formulas

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Reusing Formulas

Note: This feature is deprecated. Instead, it is recommended to use the Shared Formula feature that offers greater functionality. When enabled, the Shared Formula feature removes the ability to add new starred formulas. See Shared Formulas.

Formulas that you have previously marked as favorites (starred) can be reused.

Formulas are saved per ElastiCube.


Changing a starred formula does not affect previous uses of that formula. These will continue to use the old version of the formula. Only future uses of the starred formula will implement your latest formula.

To mark a formula as a favorite:

  1. While defining a formula, click the Favorite (Star) icon.
  2. Enter a name for this formula.
  3. Click OK .

To reuse a favorite formula:

  • Favorite formulas appear in the Data Browser under the title Formulas, as shown below. Simply select the formula to use.

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