Onboarding: Validating of Campaign Responses for Salesforce Users

Validating Accuracy of Campaign Responses

One of the best ways to measure Attribution is to look at responses from Campaign Members.  The key to this metric is ensuring all campaign members that performed some sort of “hand raise” on the campaign our marked as responded.  

To make sure you have been tracking all your hard work marketing efforts, we recommend you run a report in Salesforce to compare the total member count against the total responded.

Simple Steps to Run the Report

  1. Go to Salesforce Report tab > Click on Campaign Report> Choose Campaign Member Report
  2. Click Customize your report > On the Responded column choose Summarize this Field > On the pop up select Sum and Apply > Run Report
  3. In the Report Options make sure Show All Campaigns is selected > Click Hide Details > Review Results

**Warning:  You might be tempted to go back and fix all the missed campaign members to responded right away.   The problem is the responded date then appears as of today.   If there was an opportunity that closed last month, we would miss this response in attribution.

Recommended Before Making Response Corrections:

Flag the Campaign that it was corrected with responded values. ex. would be a Boolean field labeled Updated Responses where the modified campaigns are set as true.

We will then have options to pull dates from a spreadsheet or another date field in Salesforce.

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