Enabling the Sales Teams to see the Entire Buyers Journey

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When the sales team engages with an account there are a number of questions they often ask. For instance "Who at this account is engaged", "Are we talking with the right people", "Do we have all the right individuals engaged", "What information have they already received from my company", "What has been their journey with marketing prior to me getting involved". The list is endless, but the answers are easy to find with CaliberMind.

When CaliberMind is hooked up to Salesforce there is a bi-directional flow of information. As CaliberMind calculates engagement for the account and the contacts, that information is then pushed down to into Salesforce and is available for the sales team. Additionally, the complete buyers Journey is also available directly to the team, simply by clicking a link and viewing the CaliberMind Journey Map (CaliberMind uses Single Sign On with Salesforce so the sales team does not have to have another login).

Check out a few of the great examples on how CaliberMind would be integrated directly into Salesforce.

CaliberMind integration directly into Salesforce

Right on the Account object in SalesForce view the engagement score and the last time the account engaged with your company in a meaningful way.

Salesforce Details tab displays CaliberMind engagement metrics

On the Details tab see the engagement score, the last time the customer engaged with your company, and the last event that they did.

Additionally you can jump right to the CaliberMind Buyer Journey immediately by clicking on the link.

With direct access to CaliberMind the sales team can then view the complete Buyer Journey, including marketing and key sales events. Watch the short video below to see exactly how this works.

When the BDR team can see the entire Buyers Journey they spend more time focused on making contact, crafting a relevant message and progressing the account through the funnel. They spend less time trying to figure out if the account is relevant, who they should be talking too and what the customers interest is.

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