Attribution Models: Even

A standard model used for baselining attribution for newly acquired customers (acquisition model).

Every implementation of CaliberMind comes with a standard model used to track new customer acquisition. The standard model is called Even365 (meaning it has a 365 day timebound) from the customer date.

(all models can be customized in system views -- the below explains the default setup)

Model Name

Even365 - Any "Inbound" activity logged 365 days before the first opportunity was closed.

Attribution Date

Close date of the first Closed/Won opportunity at an Account. This models

Weighting and Calculations

Each touch point within the time time-bound gets considered (ex - campaign members, clicks, pg visits, etc). We use the event_class field on the cm_eventtable to determine if a touch point is considered "Inbound".

Attribution Models can be used as filters in Attribution Reports.

Attribution Reports

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