Account Lists

Account Lists as special lists in CaliberMind that can be used to filter ABM reports and quickly generate new company-target lists for marketing programs.

Here are some common examples of Account Lists that CM users may wish to create:

Strategic Targets (based on Region, Engagement, Industry, etc.)

  • Customer Lists -- pull data from across multiple signal tables in your data warehouse.
  • Engagement Lists, which accounts have responded to a particular campaign.
  • Advertising lists of domains for retargeting and CRM onboarding into ABM ad platforms.
  • Sales territory lists

The Account List builder is found in LISTS >> ACCOUNTS. Lists can be created in 3 steps:

  1. From the ACCOUNT LIST dropdown, select CREATE NEW LIST.
  2. Choose the signals you wish to use as a filter.
  3. Save your list. That's it! Your list is now accessible elsewhere in the app (such as ABM reports)

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