CaliberMind Insights -Viewing and Changing the Engagement Scoring Model

Which Engagement Scoring Model is my CaliberMind Insights instance using?

To determine which Engagement Scoring Model your organization is using, you will need CaliberMind App Administrator access.
  1. In the CaliberMind app, navigate to Settings:
  1. Click on ABM:
  1. Once the page finishes loading, it will display the Engagement Model you are currently running:

Changing CaliberMind Insights Engagement Scoring Models

  1. To change your model, go to Settings in the CaliberMind app:
  1. Click on ABM:
  1. Select the Engagement Model selector and choose the model you want to use, then click Save:
Processes need to run in order for the model to take effect. These run overnight and your new model will take effect the next day.

Engagement Scoring Model Definitions

With the exception of Chain-Based 180, Engagement Models are labeled according to how many days must elapse before an event is deprecated to a value of 0. Weights for each event type are determined at the time of implementation and may be changed as you collect more data.

For example, Inbound7 will value any event that took place more than 7 days ago at 0. Inbound7, Inbound30, Inbound60, Inbound90, Inbound180, and Inbound365 all follow this format with 7 being the shortest (at 7 days) and 365 being the longest (at 365 days).

Chain-Based180 evaluates which activities in which sequence are most likely to lead to a closed-won opportunity and allocates a score accordingly. As the events age, they slowly lose their weight until day 180, when activities are deprecated to 0. Any activity older than 180 days will get 0 points.

We recommend a minimum data set of 100 closed-won and closed-lost opportunities to ensure your Chain-Based models are effective.

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