Building an Event (Campaign Activity) Dashboard (VIDEO)

Building an Event Dashboard

The Event tables house many activities that take place throughout an account. It may refer to the traditional Salesforce tasks and events in your data cube, but it also includes campaign activity, weblogger activity, and more.

Drilling into activities can provide deeper insights into what is resonating with your audience and what isn't. Combine it with contact or company information to see which website content your target ICP is interacting with for ideas for your next campaign. Review web activity without having to log into additional systems and combine your early and late funnels on a single dashboard.

This video will give you a great start, but be sure to check out our article on custom dashboard basics.

The video includes adding multiple widget types, using formula fields, renaming widgets, relabeling components, dashboard-level filters, and removing components. We start with a general Event dashboard and filter down to Page Visits using weblogger data.

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