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Calculated Fields

Calculated Fields

  1. To create a calculated field, choose a published dataset by clicking the green + sign:
CaliberMind - create calculated field
  1. Add the Field Name, Formula and click Validate:
CaliberMind - Add Calculated Field
  1. Once the formula Validates successfully, click Save Field. For example, to add a calculated field of 'Profit':
CaliberMind - Data Fields

This calculated field can now be used as a field from your dataset!

Calculated Fields Examples

Dynamic Ratios
  • A ratio that dynamically calculates as the underlying data changes.
  • If dividing 2 integers, multiply the numerator by 1.0 to return a decimal output
  • Ex: Clickthrough Rate = SUM(clicks) * 1.0 /SUM(impressions)
Basic Math
  • Simple arithmetic between columns in your dataset
  • Ex: Profit = Revenue - Cost
Date Functions
  • Easily calculate the difference between two dates, or between a date and the current date.
  • Ex: DATEDIFF(day, project_start, project_end)
Create Categories and Groupings
  • Groupings and categories can be created if they do not already exist in the dataset using Case When statements.
  • Ex: CASE WHEN customers < 5 , THEN 'SMB', ELSE 'Majors'
Combining Aggregations
  • Get a result across data aggregations
  • Ex: Revenue = SUM(profit) - SUM(cost)
Percent of a Whole
  • Get a percentage of a segment over a whole
  • Ex (percent of revenue that comes from the iOS platform): SUM(CASE WHEN [Platform]='iOS' THEN [Price] else 0 end) / SUM([Price])

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