Connecting Marketo to CaliberMind allows you to warehouse all your marketing data to leverage it for Account Scoring and Attribution. Additionally, this connection allows you update Marketo and send CaliberMind lists into Static Lists in Marketo.

System Requirements:

Ask your Marketo Administrator to create an "API ONLY" user for CaliberMind. This user will need to have a "CLIENT ID" and "CLIENT SECRET". You'll also need your MUNCHKIN ID.

Setup Steps:

  1. Create a unique API key for use with CaliberMind. For steps on creating Marketo API keys, refer to their REST API Quick Start Guide
  2. Log into CaliberMind at
  3. Go to Settings >> Integrations >> Add Connector
  4. Name your integration and then cut and paste the required keys: Munchkin ID, ClientID, Client Secret.
  5. Click 'Test Connection'.
  6. Select custom objects to sync.
  7. Set lookback date for historical data: by default, CaliberMind imports all data from 2017 to the present. Due to the Marketo API threshold for your organization, historic data may take several days to sync!
  8. Set Marketo API threshold: CaliberMind can automatically throttle API calls to prevent maxing out your overall Marketo API quota as well as respect other integrations' API needs. Default is 25,000/day from the REST API. We also use up to 500MB/day to sync historic data from Marketo Activities.

[CaliberMind can also use the SOAP API to mitigate usage on the other APIs such as REST and BULK-- contact your CSM for more info!]

You're all set!

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