Attribution Models: W-Shaped (All365)

A standard model used for demonstrating marketing's total impact on the pipeline (won, lost, and open opportunities.

Every implementation of CaliberMind comes with the W-Shaped standard model used to track multi-touch attribution. Once validated and aligned on with your executive team, this model is a great way to show marketing's overall impact on the business.

(all models can be customized in system views -- the below explains the default setup)

Model Name

W-Shaped (aka All365) - Any campaign or inbound touch occurring 365 days prior to any opportunity created. For example, one touch may be attributed to multiple opportunities over a short period of time. This includes won, lost, and open opportunities as well.

Attribution Date

Close date of the opportunity -- regardless of won, lost, or open status.

Weighting and Calculations

The All-Style model favors events leading up to an opp being created. It also allows CRM users to manually flag certain campaigns or contacts of receiving more weight.

  1. Touches occurring before the opp being created get 1pt of extra influence
  2. Touches occurring to the primary contact on the opp get 1pt of extra influence
  3. Touches related to the primary decision-maker on the opp gets 2pts of extra influence

For example for a $10,000 opportunity with 2 contacts met at a trade show, turned into a opportunity then both read an e-book:

  • the decision maker and colleague met us at a trade show (pre-opp) for 2 pts each
  • the decision maker for this touch gets an extra 2 pts (4 total) for this touch
  • the decision maker reads the ebook after the opp is created for 3 pts
  • the colleague whom read the e-book just gets 1 pt for this touch (post-opp)
Total points = 10
Touch 1 = 4pts; $10,000/4 = $4,000 (40%)Touch 2 = 2pts; $10,000/2 = $2,000 (20%)Touch 3 = 3pts; $10,000/3 = $3,000 (30%)Touch 4 = 1pts; $10,000/1 = $1,000 (10%)

Attribution Models can be used as filters in Attribution Reports.

Attribution Reports

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