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Funnel Terms and Concepts

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Funnel Stage Setup in CaliberMind

The following definitions are meant to capture 80% of net new business Starter use cases in the B2B space and can accommodate most businesses with very minor modifications. If you want additional stages or your business does things a little differently, please work with sales and your customer success team.

CaliberMind Funnel App Stages

Terms Used in Tables

Below you will find an appendix of terms used in the tables.

Name: What do you name this stage of the buyer journey?

Field (API): What is the system name (not the label) of the field (in your CRM or MAS) you stamp a date or value when the journey stage is met?

How this is Triggered: Which system determines whether the threshold was met? Is there a process builder or flow that uses logic to determine the stage was met? Or does a person advance a stage field in your CRM / MAS?

History Tracking Object/Field: If this is stamped in your CRM, do you have history tracking enabled for this specific field? How do you track how many times a single individual passes through this stage?

Events that Trigger this Stage: What action does a prospect take (or someone take in your CRM / MAS) to qualify for this stage? Examples: Visit the website. Advance the Contact Status field to “Working.” 

Exit Criteria: Other than progressing to the next stage, how does someone exit this stage? For example, if someone is in the Marketing Qualified or Automatically Qualified stage, does sales have the option to mark them Disqualified / Invalid or put them back into Nurture? As another example, if an account has an open opportunity, how does the journey end? Is it when the opportunity is closed/lost? If someone is in Awareness or Engaged (first / early stage), do they exit the journey if they unsubscribe or opt out from your communications?

Timeout Duration: If someone sits in this stage for a long period of time, is there a desire to force an exit from the funnel so Marketing can nurture them? For example, if someone is Marketing Qualified or Automatically Qualified and Sales does not move them out of the stage or log activity, do you want to nurture them after 60 days, or 90 days?

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