How does Sales leverage CaliberMind? Some key use cases.

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Summary: What are the top use cases for Sales and how they would leverage the capabilities of CaliberMind? This article brings together a number of top use scenarios on how the Sales organization would use CaliberMind to help with everything managing opportunities, understanding customer engagement, automating funnel stages, and increasing sales velocity.

Is CaliberMind only for Marketing? The answer is a resounding No. While CaliberMind was designed to help the modern marketing team, one of it's greatest goals is to help with Marketing and Sales alignment. To do this CaliberMind needs to be directly integrated with the sales teams day to day processes, and make sure that both Sales and Marketing are looking at the same information - and coming up with the same conclusions. Click on any of the links below to see the full article.

Enabling Sales teams to see the entire Buyers Journey - Understand how the Sales team can see the entire Buyers Journey and answer core questions like "Who at this account is engaged?", "Are we talking with the right people?", "Do we have the right titles and departments engaged with us?", "What has been the buyers entire journey prior to me getting involved with the account?".

Managing your BDR/SDR team activities through CaliberMind - A common use-case for CaliberMind is helping the BDR and SDR teams understand which accounts are ready for them to follow up on. Learn about why Account Level Engagement Scoring is a much better metric to use than traditional Lead Scoring to help drive BDR/SDR follow ups.

Running a Sales Review with CaliberMind - As a Sales leader how to do I leverage CaliberMind to help me more efficiently run a Sales review? How can I understand which accounts need attention, where we are blocked, and quickly answer all of the key sales questions? It ends up that by understanding account, contact and lead engagement we can do this very quickly.

How can I quickly see High Risk Opportunities? - A lot of time is spent by Sales organizations trying to figure out exactly with Opportunities are at Risk of not closing in the given period. CaliberMind provides ways of creating specific reports and lists that highlight exactly which accounts fit that profile, and enables the team to dig in and see very quickly what is going on.

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