CaliberMind Insights - User Permissions & Sharing Dashboards

CaliberMind Insights user settings are determined at the time a Designer shares a dashboard with another user. Your two options are:

  • Designer: Designers can create, design, edit, and share dashboards. CaliberMind Designers determine whether the user with whom they share a dashboard has editing rights (is a Designer) or only viewing rights (Viewer).
  • Viewer: Viewers can view, explore, drill down, make selections and filter the dashboards that Designers share with them. Viewers only need a standard web browser; no plugins or downloads. They cannot create new dashboards or edit existing ones.

How can I tell if I'm a Viewer or Designer?

Because your settings can change from dashboard to dashboard, the easiest way to see whether you are a Viewer or Designer is by looking at an individual dashboard. If you see pencil icons on the widgets (1), a data schema selector (2), or formatting icons at the top of the dashboard (3), you are a Designer. Otherwise, you are a Viewer.

How do I set permissions?

This feature is only available to Designers.
  1. To set permissions for a user, click on the vertical ellipses next to the dashboard (1) you would like to share and select Share (2):
  1. Type the name of the person you would like to share with:
  1. Select whether you want them to modify the report (Designer) or just view (Viewer):

Note that selecting Owner will give them delete rights in addition to edit (Designer).

  1. Click Save:

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