Return On Ad Spend

CaliberMind's Return-on-ad-Spend (ROAS) reports match up click-through, spend and performance data against our campaign attribution tables. This allows laser-focused analysis and optimization of which attribution is showing throughout the funnel.

Ad Performance by Platform

The macro-level report that shows all efforts related to marketing advertising.

ROAS: Overview

Similar to the Ad Performance by Platform Report, but focused around various customer life-cycle stages.

ROAS: Campaigns

Clicking in to an ads performance metric (example a bar chart showing LinkedIn performance) -- we land on this detailed campaign performance report showing campaigns launched from the selected platform.

LinkedIn - Programs

A "Program" in CaliberMind is a group of campaigns. In LinkedIn programs are generated using the "campaign groups" feature. When campaign group is created in LinkedIn, it will automatically show in CaliberMind's reporting.

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