How Can I Identify High Risk Opportunities?

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As a Sales Leader one of the biggest challenges is quickly understanding which opportunities are real, which are not and which are at risk. Often this entails frequent sales reviews and deep dives on the accounts just to surface which opportunities need focus from the team. What if you could pull a report that quickly identifies these accounts for you - enabling you and the team to spend your time talking about strategies and tactics, not asking core questions just to figure out where the risk lies.

CaliberMind's Engagement Score is a fantastic way of quickly understanding this risk. It ends up that most risk comes from either a lack of engagement or falling engagement at a target company. It can also come from being highly engaged with the wrong people at an organization.

Let's say you want to create a list of Current Opportunities forecast for the quarter, that have LOW engagement. This is extremely easy to do in CaliberMind. As a matter of fact you can review the article here on How to Create a List of Opportunities with Low Engagement. Once you have that list saved on a report, you can jump in and review at any time.

So now that you have identified the list of opportunities with low engagement, you can jump into each and see exactly what is going on. Using the Buyer Journey report review who at the account is engaged, what the last engagement looks like, etc... Using a combination of the scored events, and the timeline of all events it's easy to quickly determine what is going on.

For example, you may see that you are only getting engagement from a single individual at the account. Looking into the timeline you see that both your sales team and marketing have reached out to other stake-holders multiple times with no results. By looking at both the content the marketing team has sent (and failed to generate interest) and who your sales team has called upon - you can create a strategy to get to the stake-holders. At the very least you have a much better idea on where this opportunity stands.

Another way to determine High Risk Opportunities is by understanding if you are highly engaged, but with a small number of individuals. For example you can build out a report that shows you Accounts with Current Opportunities with engagement - but only with 1 or 2 individuals. These are accounts where you are very narrowly penetrated, and are at risk of not having the right stake-holders engaged. It's a great place to start a review with your sales team on how they are going to de-risk the opportunity by broadening engagement. It may be an account you pass back to Marketing and have them start to nurture other individuals at the account.

There are a lot of ways CaliberMind can be used to identify high risk Opportunities. It really comes down to how your and your organization classify those accounts, building a report in CaliberMind that finds and exposes them and then using it in your sales review cycle.

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