Available CaliberMind Connectors

With A Catalogue of Over 100 Data Sources to Connect, Using the Data From Your Organization's System or Application In CaliberMind Has Never Been Easier

The CaliberMind platform supports both push and pull connections from a wide range of systems, with the ability to aggregate the data from each of these sources together. Most commonly, our customers integrate the following systems to the CaliberMind Platform:

CaliberMind offers over 100 connectors

Through our ETL partner, FiveTran, our collector library has been augmented with access to a world-class and comprehensive list of ETLs and connectors for integration. This means that there are over 100 additional connectors available, including almost every major data system in the market today. This partnership provides the ability for every one of your systems to connect to our platform, allowing all of your organization's data sources to be measured and analyzed no matter the source type.

Inside of the CaliberMind Platform, we provide a list of the most commonly used connectors by our customers.

CaliberMind most common used connectors

In addition to these most commonly used connectors, our ETL partner has a list available with the over 100 systems that are able to be connected. This means that as long as your system is available on the list here, your data can be used within the CaliberMind Platform.

If in the off chance there is a system that you would like to connect, which either isn't listed inside of your my.CaliberMind.com account or listed on our partner's site - not a problem! Feel free to send us an email or click on the "Contact" button at the top-right to discuss the possibility of integrating it as well.

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