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Build Your Own Insights Pipeline Dashboard

Building a Pipeline Generation View Dashboard

Want all of your reports in CaliberMind? No problem. Since we connect directly to your CRM, adding in views like pipeline generated, forecast summaries, or bookings retrospectives is a breeze.

You will need the Insights permissions of Designer to create your own dashboards. If you feel you don't have the proper settings, contact your CaliberMind administrator.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Build a Pipeline View [Basic]

  1. In Insights, click the "+" icon next to the dashboard header:
CaliberMind insights add dashboard button
  1. Select the "Sales" data model and name your dashboard:
Select Caliber insights sales data model and name dashboard
  1. Admittedly, this part is a bit buggy. However, your end users will prefer this date filter far more than if we use the filter widget bar on the right-hand side of the screen (hidden by default).
  • Click "Select Data" under New Widget:
Select the CaliberMind Data Button
  • Select any data value:
Select a CaliberMind widget data value
  • Select Advanced Configuration:
    CaliberMind Widget Advanced Configuration
  • Select the widget type selector (1) and then scroll down and select the Date Range Filter (2):
Select the CaliberMind Date Range Filter
  • Choose Add next to Filter Dimension:
  • Select the Add option under CaliberMind Date Range Filter
    Because we want to know Pipeline Generated, we'll be summarizing the data throughout this dashboard by Opportunity Open Date. It makes sense that we would also choose Opportunity Open Date as our core filter. Search for "Create" (1) and select the proper field (2):
Choose Opportunity Open Date as your core CaliberMind core filter
  • Click Apply:
CaliberMind Widget Apply button or add widget
You'll see a message of "missing dashboard filter/s." Ignore this error. We'll address it in the next steps.
  • Expand the widget list on the dashboard by clicking the icon near the page vertical scroll bar:
CaliberMind widget filter expansion
  • Click the plus icon to add a filter:
CaliberMind widget filter add button
  • Search for "Create" (1) and select the Opp Create Date field (2):
Set the CaliberMind widget filter to OPP Create Date field
  • Click OK and the date range filter will magically appear!
CaliberMind displays the date range filter
  • Select any date in the From Date field (1):
    Select within the From Date field that is in the middle of the screen NOT from the filter within the filter bar.
Select any day in the the CaliberMind From Date filter
  • An additional filter appeared. Delete the date filter you added in the Filter bar to the right (we know. buggy.) This is the filter that has the 'include all' within the dialog box:
Delete the extra CaliberMind filter that appears

Congrats! You made it through the hard part. Now let's add a chart!

  1. Select the + Widget button:
Select the CaliberMind Add Widget button
  1. Click on Advanced Configuration:
Click on CaliberMind widget advanced configuration
  1. Click the Widget selector icon and choose the widget type you'd like to use:
Select the CaliberMind widget you want to run
  1. Add a Value (1) (in this case we'll choose Amount (3)):
Add a value in the CaliberMind amount field
  1. Update the formatting for the value by selecting the number icons:
    Use CaliberMind number icon to update your value's formatting
  2. Add a Category (1) and select the Opportunity Created Date field (3):
select a CaliberMind chart category
  1. Change the date aggregation from Years to Months using the icon on the Category:
    Change Date Aggregation from Years to Months using CaliberMind Aggregate Date Filter
  2. Add a Break By (1) and select the Opp Won/Lost/Open field (2):
Adding a CaliberMind Break By
  1. Change the chart format to Stacked (1) on the right-hand design menu and then click Apply (2):
Changing CaliberMind widget design setting to Stacked

Congrats! You've created a dashboard.

Need more help? Check out our video. We create an entire dashboard with multiple views and report types.

Video: Creating a Complete Pipeline Generated Dashboard

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