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How do I see the first event (or "tipping point") in each stage of my funnel?

How do I see the first event (or "tipping point") in each stage of my funnel?

The Importance of Performance Measurement

CaliberMind Tipping Point performance measurement

Your website is great, your content is great, and you're executing a thoughtful marketing strategy... yet... you know in your gut that your conversion rates are sub-optimal. Solving this problem can be difficult and frustrating.

Diagnostics begin with a good understanding of your business's marketing funnel. Getting the right message to the right people at the right time is the goal of any marketing strategy. Despite being one of the most basic marketing elements, it's also one of the most important. In marketing, it drives everything from social media campaigns to product demonstrations.

Evaluating the impact is a key component of every marketing campaign. If you understand the success metrics that matter to your marketing campaign, you can calculate your overall return on investment. Identifying your marketing goal is the first step in understanding how your campaign performed.

This article will discuss how to find the "tipping point" of each stage of your funnel. By looking at what caused each stage to be reached, we can identify trends and correlations that will give us a better understanding of which strategies are working and which ones need to be adjusted. This will allow us to identify where we should focus our efforts to increase conversions.

how important is it to know your marketing tipping point? I want to know what is the most effective way to engage people at various stages of their buyer journey with my brand in order to scale engagement.
After this question is answered, I might want to do more events or determine if any previous events were just “one-hit wonders.”

What steps would you take to view the most common (or “tipping point”) events?

  1. Go to the dashboard Funnel Trigger Events
  2. Select the Stage you would like to evaluate under Stage Selection.
  3. Click the Event Type tab at the top of the stacked chart
  4. View the Event Type Table
  5. Sort the table Descending (Z-A)
  6. View the table data
Interactive Step-by-Step

The Deeper Dive

View the table data

CaliberMInd Event Type Stacked Chart

Visit - The most common event indicates the first (and most common) event at triggering people to enter the selected stage. But don’t stop there. It’s a good idea to view the most common event in each stage of the funnel because they are dramatically different.

G2 - The 2nd highest numbered event showing on the table is G2 for CaliberMind's 01: Is inbound stage.

We’ll analyze both of these results below.

CaliberMind Funnels Deeper Dive Critical Thinking

Deeper Dive in Context

Context - The highest weeks or months of activities are something we should note and compare to initiatives that would drive a higher volume of those event types at that time. For example, when there are spikes in page visits, did we change our advertising strategy or release any PR? Let's take a look at the findings and the strategic pivots that are made based upon those findings.

Visit Analysis - Initially, page visit increases corresponded to increased advertising spend. Then a dip happened when we changed our website CMS (content management system or platform it's built on) and decreased advertising efforts. What's more important to note is conversion rates compared to the volume of visitors went up dramatically after this change. This means that our advertising was inefficient and drawing in the wrong crowd - and we gained more meaningful interactions with our website by improving the user experience.

Strategic Pivot based upon findings - Thinking this through, we see that although we increased traffic, it wasn't the traffic we wanted to see come through. Thus we went back to the drawing board and refined our outreach strategy to define and refine our advertising targeting.

Questions that arose in our meeting -

Why are there 'anonymous' people represented in G2 or in Visits?
G2 doesn't provide person data for privacy reasons. Like most intent providers, they only provide data at the account level.
The reason why you see mostly (there are a few people) accounts in web data is because we have Clearbit Reveal and are only usually able to de-anonymize at the company and not the person level.
What caused the spike in G2?
G2 wasn't due to marketing efforts. Not sure what did that. We speculate that there could be an increase in customer reviews but likely reflective of people planning their 2023 budget. That lines up with fiscal planning.

How did we do?

What touches are influencing each step in the funnel?

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