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How To Connect Google Analytics

Why Connect Google Analytics?

We've helped you set up the handy-dandy web tracker and now you're wondering why Google Analytics data should also live in CaliberMind.

Fair question.

There are a number of use cases when Google Analytics data comes in handy, but the most popular use case includes incorporating keyword information in your engagement reports. This helps you hone in on that "Organic" data set and figure out where you need to focus to gain even more traction in the market.

Google Analytics data can also help us fill in some gaps when forms aren't properly linked to campaign automation or the web tracker isn't properly installed on key pages. We're all human, mistakes happen, and those of us in Ops started with a lot of Ooops under our belts.

This connection is your virtual backup plan should something not go as expected.

Setting Up Your Connection

Syncing Google Analytics data with CaliberMind is easy!

  1. Navigate to Settings >> Integrations and click 'Add Connector' then select the 'Google Analytics' Add Connector button:
    Select the Google Analytics Add Connector Button from Settings
  2. Click I Understand when prompted:
    Click I Understand when Prompted
  3. Choose which GA Views and Accounts you wish to sync to your data warehouse. This will determine which domain(s) we're pulling data from.
    Choose which GA Views and Accounts You Want to Sync with Your Data Warehouse
  4. You will be asked which metrics (limit 7) and dimensions (limit 10) to import. We recommend including referral parameters, campaign, date, and source data.
    You will Be Asked which Metrics (limit 7) and Dimensions (limit 10) to Import

Your work here is done! Contact us if you encounter any errors or have questions about dimensions and metrics.

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