Which touches and events are we scoring?

Which Touches and Events are we Scoring?

If you have any of the following questions, this dashboard is worth a view:

  • Are all my events being scored?
  • Am I scoring my events accurately? - Do I need to add weight to some of my higher valued events, like "Request a Demo"?
  • What engagements make up the majority of my scores?

 You can now easily answer these questions on the report, Which touches and events are we scoring?

CaliberMind Event Types Scored

Diving into the report, you will also be able to view:

  • Quantity of events scored for each type
  • List of all events scored
  • The source system of the event

Use the tables to search on specific events or view what touches are scored with an event type

Hover over to right of the table to bring up the hamburger symbol and search function.


Enter "content syndication" to see all touches that we have grouped to this type

enter a Campaign Name to see all touches that were scored in the Account Engagement Screens

CaliberMind Event Scored Sample Screen


During your setup, we might have chosen certain titles to take the event score and multiply it by X.

The default multipliers are CXO X 2, VP X 2, Directors X 1.5, and missing email X .5.


For those advanced SQL, users you can view the code in your list views. This view will give you the exact weighting that was applied to your instance.

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