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Creating Company Lists in List Builder

Creating Company Lists in List Builder

One features of CaliberMind that our customers find useful is the ability to create lists using CaliberMind data. This allows a users to create their own data table full of users, companies, or campaigns. To create lists you will use our intuitive menus. You do not have to be familiar with SQL.

Some common use cases for lists include:

  • Account lists allow marketing managers and business analysts to filter reports by a set of company_ids.
  • If you utilize a BI Platform you can use your credentials to directly connect to your BigQuery database.
  • Sales leaders might want the attribution report to show only companies in a certain target list.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. To create a new list, log in to your CaliberMind instance, then select Lists from the top navigation bar. From their, you'll want to click the blue ( + ) icon to create a new list.
Creating a New CaliberMind List

  1. A modal window will pop up. Start by entering the name of your new list in the top field. If you wish to write custom SQL, change the next menu from Standard to Custom. To continue using the List Builder, leave that option set to Standard. This tutorial will cover the List Builder approach.
Fill in the CaliberMind Modal Window  that Appears
  • For Data Type, you may select Person, Company, or Campaign, the three data objects currently supported. For our example, we will select Company.
  • If you would like your list to refresh with the most current information, leave refresh type as Dynamic. If you would like your list to create a one-time snapshot table, change Refresh Type to Static.
Add Flters to Narrow Down  Your Group By Selecting CaliberMind Add Rule Option

You are now creating a custom version of the table you selected in the previous step, in this example, the Company table. You can add filters to narrow your group by selecting ADD RULE. For this example, we want to filter to all company's that are not in the United States. We will first select which column we want to filter on, in this case country. Next, we will select the operator, in this case, we want to exclude specific values so we will use "is not in list". In the final field, we will select the value we want to exclude, in this case US.

Hit CaliberMind Add Rule Button Again to Add Additional Rules Joined by AND or  OR Logic

You can add additional rules, joined by AND or OR logic by pressing the add rule button again. Pressing Test will tell you the number of rows these filters would return. From here you may Save or Save and Exit.

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