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Shared Formulas

Shared Formulas

If the Shared Formulas feature is activated, dashboard and widget designers have the ability to create and store shared formulas that can be shared and reused across multiple widgets simultaneously, without the need to redefine the same formula for each widget. This not only saves time but also allows editing the formula in one place, and thereby update the formula in each of the places it is used automatically, instead of having to search for each instance of the formula and changing it manually in those locations.

Activating the Shared Formulas Feature
Activating CaliberMind Shared Formulas Feature
Creating a Shared Formula
  1. Click on CaliberMind Save as Shared Formula Button
    CaliberMind Save as Shared Formula Prompt
Editing Your CaliberMind Shared Formula
Managing Shared Formulas
Managing Your CaliberMind Shared Formulas
  • Managing Your CaliberMind Shared Formulas
  • Managing Your CaliberMind Shared Formulas

Notes about shared formulas:

  • Saving a shared formula does not apply the formula to the widget you are editing unless you also click OK in the Edit Formula window.
  • When editing a shared formula, the name of the shared formula cannot be changed.
  • Nesting of shared formulas - using shared formulas within other shared formulas - is possible but it is recommended to use no more than three levels of nesting as nested shared formulas affect the time it takes to load the widgets that use them.

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