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Google Sheets Integration and Quickflow

Popular use cases:

  • Pull budget data from offline channels in CaliberMind ROMI and Performance Reports
  • Allow Business Ops teams to dynamically maintain target lists,
  • Push clean reporting data a lists to spreadsheets for Executive Reporting outside of CaliberMind.


  1. Connection - Google Sheets connections are user-specific via OAuth 2. This means once connected, any viewable URL to your google account can be linked to a CaliberMind List.
  2. Tabs-to-List - After connecting Google Sheets to CaliberMind (as a system admin) you can create a new lists matching to tabs in a spreadsheet and syncing hourly. These lists are now available in data operations and when building other lists.
  3. List-to-Tab - Enterprise customers also have the ability to push a CaliberMind list to a Google Sheet tab. The user creating this workflow must have "edit" privileges to the target sheet and also be connected to CaliberMind via our Integrations tab.

Connecting Google Sheets to CaliberMind:

  1. Navigate to Settings >> Integrations (you must be an admin to do this).
  2. Create new connection and name your connection to mark it as yours.
  3. That's it! You're now ready to build lists and workflows.
Integrating Google Sheets to CaliberMind

Creating a CaliberMind list from a Google Sheets tab:

  1. Navigate to Lists >> Create New
  2. Name your list
  3. Enter the spreadsheet URL to sync
    1. Note that all tabs will sync as new lists into CaliberMind within 1 hr
    2. Additional tabs and updates to your sheet will be updated hourly into CaliberMind
Creating a CaliberMind list from a Google Sheets tab

To push a CaliberMind list to Google Sheets:

Option 1 - Quickflow

  1. Navigate a List >> Actions >> Quickflows
  2. Select "Sync List to Google Sheets"
  3. Enter the Google Sheets tab URL**
    1. Optional - Select a Sync Schedule

Option 2 - Standard Flow

  1. Navigate a Data Manager >> Flows >> New Flow
  2. Follow the wizard (same steps as above)
Running this operation will overwrite the content in the entered Google Sheets Tab
Pushing a CaliberMind list to Google Sheets (quickflow option)
Launching the CaliberMind Quick Flow option

Data is now pushed to the target spreadsheet daily! You're all done!

CaliberMind pushes data to target Google Sheets spreadsheet daily

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