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Virtual Campaigns in CaliberMind

What Are Virtual Campaigns?

Virtual Campaign is a CaliberMind concept that allows us to extend the concept of campaign activity outside of what marketing traditionally tracks. This often includes website visits, advertising clicks, sales calls, sales meetings, sales email responses, and product signals.

It can be difficult for marketing operations to track efforts for non-standard events that don’t come from a system like Salesforce Campaigns, AdWords, or LinkedIn. Events from these sources are easily bucketed into campaigns and can be attributed to revenue from associated opportunities. In this article we will discuss how Virtual Campaigns can help with the rest of the events in your data, like sales interactions or product and web data.


  • Any date stamped interaction can be an event
  • Any event can have a campaign id
  • Virtual Campaigns group events without a source "campaign" into their own campaign
  • Campaigns can be used to make decisions about marketing spend and efforts


In CaliberMind, any interaction that has a date stamp can be an event. Sometimes events have no “source system” noted, but marketers would still like to see how they affected an account or opportunities progression through the sales pipeline. CaliberMind has created Virtual Campaigns to help teams track these events.

Campaign ids

In CaliberMind any event can have a campaign id. In the case of a system source such as AdWords or LinkedIn, your system will likely be configured so the campaign information will come through the UTM parameters along with the event data.

Virtual Campaigns

In a Virtual Campaign, CaliberMind groups events for scoring and attribution, where no previous source system existed and gives them a campaign id. This allows teams to look at events grouped together in the virtual campaign and how they were attributed to opportunities.

How to Use Virtual Campaigns

The Virtual Campaign provides greater visibility into marketing efforts that have been historically difficult to associate with attribution and will help determine if more or less of that type of event might be beneficial to invest in come future campaigns.

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