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CaliberMind Home Page & Navigation

CaliberMind Home Page

To get insights into our customer’s hands as quickly as possible, we’ve updated the welcome screen when you log into CaliberMind. The tiles displayed on your home page are dependent on the products you have purchased and can be customized by your CaliberMind administrator.

home page preview of calibermind

Home Page & Navigation - Terms & Layout

calibermind home and nav labeled
  1. The title bar of the home page. The home page takes up the majority of real estate when you log in and consists of a series of tiles that represent each of your purchased products, plus a view into your data health.
  2. The tile represents your Surge Scoring or ABM Scoring product metrics.
  3. The attribution tile.
  4. CaliberMind's Search functionality allows you to select what kind of object you would like to find and search by a variety of identifiers. For example, if you are searching for a person, you can search for the CRM ID or their email address.
  5. The menu bar can be expanded or minimized (the screenshot here shows it minimized). To see the label for each section, either hover over the icon or expand the menu using the '>' under your Profile icon.
  6. The Settings Cog is only visible to system administrators and allows them to configure aspects of the application, invite new users, deactivate users, and change user permissions.
  7. Your Profile icon will allow you to customize certain personal settings and view your level of access.

The navigation bar replaces the system of tabs and icons that used to exist at the top of the CaliberMind navigation and offers a sleeker way to get where you need to go.

navigation bar details
  1. The menu bar can be expanded or minimized (the screenshot here shows it minimized). To see the label for each section, either hover over the icon or expand the menu using the '>' under your Profile icon.
  2. The Home icon displays the home page with tiles for each CaliberMind product.
  3. The Insights icon will navigate you to the newer dashboards created by CaliberMind.
  4. The Dashboards icon will open the original list of dashboards originally displayed upon login.
  5. The Reports icon will open a list of original CaliberMind reports organized by category.
  6. The Lists icon opens the section used to create lists and segments for reports and flows.
  7. The Notifications icon opens alerts about connectors and other application issues.
  8. Help is an expandable section of the navigation bar with sub categories.
  9. This icon will take you to our Knowledge Base for articles like this one.
  10. The Data Dictionary icon will take you to a list of CaliberMind tables. Each table contains a list of fields and their descriptions. This is a handy tool for people who want to build their own CaliberMind reports using Insights or another BI tool.
  11. Release Notes detail the latest features to be rolled out in CaliberMind and how or why people would use them.
  12. The Settings cog will only be visible to CaliberMind administrators and is the path to customizing your CaliberMind environment and adding or subtracting users in your instance.
  13. The Profile icon is where you can log out of the application.

Admins Only - How to Customize the Home Page

Does your organization use a custom set of reports?

Do you want to control whether people see the original dashboards or Insights?

  1. Click on the Settings icon in your left-hand navigation bar:
Calibermind settings navigation
  1. Select Home Page:
Home page settings menu
  1. Click the toggle for the tile you would like to point to Insights dashboards (1). If your toggle for Insights is off, you may click in the Legacy Landing Page field and search for the custom (or standard) original dashboard you would like your users to navigate to from the home tile (2).
insights and dashboard selection for home page

Engagement Scoring Tile

The Engagment Scoring tile shows the top 5 highest scoring companies based on your default engagement model. It shows Raw Score, Weighted Score, and Week over Week Change.

If you are not an Engagement customer, you will not see this tile.
CaliberMind Surge Scoring Tile

Attribution Tile

The Attribution Widget shows your top 5 Campaign Types over the last 90 days using your Default attribution model. The columns available are Pre-Opportunity Attribution (dollars allocated to touchpoints that happened prior to the opportunity's creation), Post-Opportunity Attribution (dollars allocated to touchpoints that happened after opportunity creation up until opportunity close), and Total Attribution (the sum of pre and post opportunity attribution).

If you are not an Attribution customer, this tile will not be visible.
CaliberMind Attribution Tile

Data Health Tile

The Data Health widget shows the user their existing Fivetran Connectors, which is how your data gets into CaliberMind in its raw form. Customers have a contracted amount of Monthly Active Rows (MAR), and CaliberMind will show you how many active rows you synced per platform for this month and for last month. There is also a column showing the connector’s status. If this is not working, data will not sync for that connector.

All customers will see this tile.
CaliberMind Data Health Tile

Funnels Tile

The Funnels tile shows each of your configured funnel stages, the number of active journeys in that stage, and the number of active journeys in that stage from the last 90 days

If you are not a Funnels customer, you will not see this tile.
CaliberMind Funnels Tile

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