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Data Dictionary

What is a CaliberMind Data Dictionary?

The CaliberMind Data Dictionary stores and communicates metadata about data in your application's data. The data dictionaries serve as guides to datasets. As per a report by Harvard Business Review, data scientists spend 80% of their time finding, cleaning, and organizing data, leaving just 20% for analysis. Understanding the CaliberMind Data Dictionary will give you back this valuable lost time.

Why Use the CaliberMind Data Dictionary?

The use of the CaliberMind Data Dictionary is not limited to implementation. The CaliberMind Data Dictionary not only facilitates the understanding of data assets but much more. Described by IBM as a “centralized repository of information about data such as meaning, relationships to other data, origin, usage, and format. It assists management, database administrators, system analysts, and application programmers in planning, controlling, and evaluating the collection, storage, and use of data.” As you can see a data dictionary is a big deal - let's take a look at seven important benefits of understanding and using CaliberMind's Data Dictionary.

7 Benefits of Using CaliberMind's Data Dictionary

  1. Document the data structure so that users, developers, and others are aware of it which assists in reducing errors.
  2. Provide users with a common vocabulary for sharing data, using data standards, exchanging data, and gauging how schema modifications will affect data flow.
  3. Ensure consistency in data relationships, data types, controls, and navigation of applications which eliminates risk through fostering a culture of documentation.
  4. Integrate and report on data easily as analysts are able to determine where data interacts and flows with various processes and components.
  5. Defining data elements clearly is essential when mapping one data system to another, or determining how to subset, merge, stack, or transform data.
  6. Contribute to (and even accelerate) the planning of data collection, project development, and other collaborative efforts.
  7. Achieve transparency, consistency, and reliability in data.

The CaliberMind Data Dictionary Description:
CaliberMind Data Dictionary

CaliberMind Data Dictionary Search Field - Search tables or view
CaliberMind Data Dictionary Table Drop-down- Click to expand all tables
CaliberMind Data Dictionary Views Drop-down - Click to expand all views 
CaliberMind Data DictionaryTable or View name - Header declaring the table or view name
CaliberMind Data Dictionary Name  - Field name
CaliberMind Data Dictionary Data type  - Type of data used in the field
CaliberMind Data Dictionary Nullable - Yes
CaliberMind Data Dictionary Description  - Description, purpose, use of field  

CaliberMind Data Dictionary (current)

CaliberMind Data Dictionary
The CaliberMind Data Dictionary is extensive - containing hundreds of pages. This Knowledge Base article is for your reference. If you feel need a full copy of this dictionary reach out to your Customer Success Representative for more information.

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