Filters and Hyperlinks

What are Report Filters?

Each reporting category in CaliberMind focuses on different parts of your database. If you're looking at on Opportunity Report, for instance, you eventually may wish to filter your report by "Opportunity Type", such as 'New Business' and 'Renewal'. Report filters are designed to do just that! As you can see in the report below, we're looking at a specific campaign id 70150000000y2OMAAY. Since this report is inspecting a campaign's performance over a certain date range -- we may wish to share or hyperlink to versions of this report looking at different campaigns over different date ranges.Filters can also be modified in line, saved as a default, or saved in a setting in a new report.

Base URL

Additional Filters



  • Looking up campaign performance by URL:
    • ?item= selects which report is being used
    • &campaign= sets a campaign id in the filter for the report

Formula fields in Salesforce

Include formulas on Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Campaigns, and more!

  • The example below would open up the [CaliberMind ABM - Activity Overview Report] in a new window from an account record and display a hyperlink "View in CaliberMind":

This example looks an account up by web domain:

HYPERLINK("" & substitute( substitute( substitute(Website,"https://","") ,"http://","") ,"www.","") ,"View in CaliberMind")

This example looks an account up by Account Id:

HYPERLINK("" ,"View in CaliberMind")

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