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Demand Generation Reports Summary

Demand Generation Reports Summary

Sales teams identify marketing opportunities as potential customers who are in need of a product or service by reviewing qualified sales leads. Creating marketing opportunities leads to more successful sales and promotes the development of a marketing strategy. Marketing leads are more qualified than other sales leads in that the customer has a problem that your product or service can solve. In addition, the customer has already verified they have the funds to make a purchase.

Inbound marketing and other tactics resulting in opportunities and revenue can be tracked in these marketing-to-sales reports.

Engagement vs Pipeline

What do our engagement trends look like compared with the revenue influenced along a certain time period?

CaliberMind Engagement vs. Pipeline report

Opportunity Conversion

Question this report answers: "What is my opportunity close rate?"

CaliberMind - Opportunity Close Rate Dashboard

Opportunity Detail

Question this report answers: "Which touches and channels influence opportunities?"

Opportunity Volume

Question this report answers: "How many new opportunities are we generating?"

CaliberMind - Opportunity Volume Dashboard

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