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What is a Marketing Funnel?

What is a Funnel?

Marketing funnels are the most effective way to shape your business's sales and marketing strategy. This methodology's main objective is to convert prospects into customers and eventually into brand evangelists. Throughout the journey, prospects follow certain steps and achieve curated milestones. 

Marketing funnels describe the customer journey from "awareness" (when potential customers first learn about your business) to "purchase" (when those customers are ready to buy). In addition to post-purchase follow-ups and cross- and up-sells, funnels can also include post-purchase follow-ups.

Overall, a funnel defines how things move through time by defining a set of rules.

No matter what you sell, getting prospective customers to buy doesn’t happen in an instant.

Instead, the sales process unfolds in stages (the sales funnel): Warming up cold prospects to the idea of spending their hard-earned cash on your products and priming them for purchases in the future.

Unfortunately, in today’s climate of low trust and fierce competition … that’s no easy task.

In fact, if you’ve ever sold a product or service, you already know how frustrating and painful creating a genuinely valuable offer can be only to have it disappear into the wasteland of failure.

The antidote to this pain — and the secret to unlocking success — lies in creating a sales funnel built around five stages. In other words, using a proven template that’s not just easier and faster … but converts like wildfire.

To help you boil down the information regarding funnels we've built this course to put you on the fast track of learning all about the marketing sales funnel.

What is a sales funnels?

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