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How To Connect: LinkedIn Ads

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Why Connect LinkedIn Ads?

Connecting Lead Generation, Social, Advertising, and Retargeting platforms to CaliberMind helps your organization make better-informed decisions by tying your advertising spend to revenue. Answer questions about return on ad spend (ROAS) from Digital Marketing Managers, Demand Gen professionals, and Marketing Executives using the LinkedIn connector.

By tying LinkedIn spend to revenue, you can confidently answer:

  • Which ad campaigns and groups perform best?
  • For each dollar spent on advertising, how many dollars do I get back using multi-touch attribution?
  • Which ads have the highest conversion rates and lowest cost-per-lead?

These metrics are typically elusive to marketers because most ad platforms don't directly connect to your CRM and a Web Activity log. This visibility is part of the magic of CaliberMind.

Access multiple Linkedin Ads marketing metrics in real-time in CaliberMind

Best Practices

In order to get the most out of your data, we recommend that you:

  1. Make sure AnalyticsJS PAGE and IDENTIFY calls are enabled on your marketing website. (This may require help from your web team)
  2. Make sure all LinkedIn URLs have the proper tracking parameters:
    1. Campaign ID (typically utm_campaign_id, campaign_id, cmp_id, hsa_id)**
    2. Ad ID (typically ad_id, utm_ad_id, hsa_id)**
    3. UTM_source (typically utm_source)

For Example:

For more best practices on UTM parameters, check out this article.

If you wish to use a different naming convention for your URL parameters, we recommend you speak to your customer success manager to adjust your system views.

Prerequisites Before Connection

You'll need:

  • A LinkedIn Account
  • Admin rights to the LinkedIn Data you want to access

How to Connect LinkedIn Ads to CaliberMind

  1. In the CaliberMind app, select the Settings Cog:
    Navigate to CaliberMind Settings Cog
  2. Select Connectors:
Selecting the Linkedin Ads connector in CaliberMind

  1. Select Create Pull Connector:
    Select CaliberMind Create Pull Connector
  2. Select the Add Connector button under the LinkedIn logo:
    Select the CaliberMind Add Connector Button
  3. You will be prompted to sign into to your LinkedIn account:
Signing in to your Linkedin account in CaliberMind
  1. Select the account you would like to sync and click Save and Test.

That's it! Your work here is done.

ROAS spend is only updated through LinkedIn every evening. It does not refresh throughout the day.
CaliberMind and LinkedIn Ad Reports use UTC (Universal Time Zone). Impressions and clicks may not match activity in your local time zone.

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