Setting Up Workflow - Account Deduplication

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Deduplication is the process of merging duplicate data to a single record. The CaliberMind platform connects with your CRM to extract data. As it is extracting the data, the CM platform will automatically check for duplicate records. If it finds duplicate records it will merge the records (If there is matching information) to reduce redundancies in your data.

Because CaliberMind merges the records, you aren’t left with orphaned tasks or opportunities. Having a deduplicated database is a critical step in accurate reporting and efficient processes.

Account 1 (loser)

Account 2 (winner)

Final Merged Account

Name: Abc HQ


Industry: Technology

Contacts: David Johnson, Michael Smith

Opportunities: Terminator 1

Name: Abc


Industry: <missing>

Contacts: Maria Garcia

Opportunities: Terminator 2

Name: Abc


Industry: Technology

Contacts: David Johnson, Michael Smith, Maria Garcia

Opportunities: Terminator 1, Terminator 2

Setting up Account Deduplication workflow:

  1. Create a Custom list in CaliberMind, for example: “FLOW - Account Deduplication” 
  2. Copy and paste the below SQL found in THIS LINK into the list and save.
Hit CaliberMind Test Button and Confirm the Data is Shown Correctly
  1. Hit "Test" and confirm if the data is shown correctly


Used for testing to validate the matching is working.


The Account ID to be merged into a winning record.


The Account ID to receive partial data from a losing record.

  1. Create a new flow:
    1. Select “Merge records in Salesforce”
    Select CaliberMind Merge Records in Salesforce
    1. Select the list you created in step 2
    2. Select the "Account" object
    3. Set a schedule and/or limit (optional)
      Set a CaliberMind  Schedule and/or Limit
  2. Launch flow!
  3. Check the log file after the workflow has been completed to see if there were any errors from Salesforce.

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