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Funnel Events Technical Documentation

Funnel Events

The driving force within CaliberMind is the "Event" - or a combination of tasks, campaign activity, and other benchmarks that businesses need to analyze their activities. Specific events on the Lead, Contact, and Opportunity records help to define the actions that trigger movement through the funnel stages.

Once these events are configured, they become available within the event table and signal these funnel movements - such as a stage change or early exit.

Funnel Events Limit: In order to address COGS concerns we’re now enforcing a limit to the number of funnel events an organization can create. The current default limit is 15. CM Admin users have access to update this on the admin site. [download Funnel Event Limit pdf]

Event Types

There are two event types available - History and Static - which are based on the field values of an object’s records.


Events that are based on a single field and that have History Tracking for the field are enabled in Salesforce or Audit records are enabled in Dynamics). 

Note: If history tracking is not enabled for the field, this method cannot be used


Events that are based on a single field and its current value. The value will change if the field is updated, and we will not capture updates prior to the rule being turned on.

Note: This event type is mapped to a single field on the respective object(s) set

Create Funnel Event in CaliberMind
Lead History Table in CaliberMind

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