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Attribution Reports Summary

CaliberMind Attribution reports can be critical to making data-informed decisions on tactics and marketing mix. The underlying attribution models are completely flexible and you're able to apply multiple models as options for your needs!

Attribution Overview

A summary of all named campaigns, by campaign type. Clicking on a campaign opens the Campaign Detail report from Salesforce (see below).

Source: cm_person_company, [custom_account_list], cm_attribution, sf_campaign, cm_event

  • Filters: CampaignType, AttributionModel, DateRange
CaliberMind Attribution Overview Report

Campaign ROI

This report offers an overview of campaign ROI for selected campaigns. List of campaigns with cost and revenue influence offers a powerful view for marketing decision makers. (Note: the ROI estimate looks at actual bookings/cost.)

  • Source: cm_person_company, [custom_account_list], cm_attribution, sf_campaign, cm_event
  • Filters: Campaigns, AttributionModel, DatePeriod, DateRange
CaliberMind Campaign ROI report

Campaign Detail

A detailed look at campaign respondents and revenue performance. Can be queried by URL of all named campaigns to pull up attribution data about a specific campaign.

  • Source: cm_person_company, [custom_account_list], cm_attribution, sf_campaign, cm_event
  • Filters: Campaign, AttributionModel, DateRange
  • URL format example:
CaliberMind Campaign Detail Report

Journey Attribution

This report presents a picture of which buyer journey is creating the most value. The report is broken up into two stages: lead to opportunity and opportunity to close.

  • Source: cm_attribution, cm_companystats, [custom_account_list], sf_campaign, cm_event
  • Filters: AttributionModel, List, AttributionType, Region, OpportunityType, CampaignType, DateRange
CaliberMind Journey Attribution report

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