How to Connect Facebook Ads

Please note that only Administrators have access to connectors. Contact your Admin if you do not have the proper access.

What's Changed?

Fivetran's old connector was a bit tedious to maintain. There were about five separate connectors to enable. Fortunately, they've streamlined their process significantly and now there's only one connection needed.

What If I Have the Old Connector Enabled?

Because this connector is so streamlined, we recommend you enable their new connector. You don't have to do anything with your old connection, just enable the new connection using the steps outlined below.

How to Enable the Facebook Ad Connector

You will need Admin access to your Business Ad Account on Facebook in order to enable the connection.
  1. Go to the Settings Cog from the CaliberMind App main page:
  1. Click on Connectors:
  1. Click on Create Pull Connector:
  1. Click on Connection under Facebook Ads:
  1. Follow the screen prompts:
  • Click on "I understand" to allow the data connection.
  • Select "Grant User Access" and click "Authorize."
  • Sync Specific Accounts and select the pages specific to your organization, then click "Save and Test."

If you have any issues, please contact your customer success representative.

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