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Attribution Overview - Campaign Performance Table

Campaign Performance Table

Common definitions and frequently asked questions from marketing managers on the Campaign Performance Table that lives on the Attribution Overview Report. Campaign Performance Header Row:

CaliberMind Campaign Performance Table header row reading Campaign Name, Type, Total, Sourced, Influenced, Effectiveness, Accounts Attributed, Accounts Touched, People Touched, Won, Lost, Open

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How is Effectiveness calculated within the Last 365 timeframe?

The total number of accounts with touches having attribution created over the timeframe divided by the total number of accounts with touches over all time.

How are Accts Attributed calculated?

Accounts with touches having attribution created during the timeframe.

How are Accts Touched/People Touched calculated?

Accounts touched during the timeframe or People touched during the timeframe.

Why isn't the Effectiveness the total accts attributed/accts touched within the timeframe?

The denominator of the campaign performance chart for conversion includes all of the historical company touches for the campaign as opposed to only those within this specific time period. This is because looking at the current period causes the conversion metric to be >100% sometimes as it compares it to opportunities created in the same period.

How do we have more Accts attributed vs. accts touched within the time frame?

Accounts Attributed is tied to opportunities created during the timeframe and Accounts Touched is accounts touched over the timeframe. If you switch to “all time” they should match.

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