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Event Explore for Funnels

Why Use Event Explore?

Funnel logic revolves around the cm_event table in CaliberMind. This table is a combination of activities pulled from your connected platforms. This includes CRM campaigns, marketing automation touches like email opens and clicks, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, sales activities, and more.

Because there is such a broad array of events at your fingertips and the field names and definitions can be a little confusing, Event Explore can save you a lot of time. Using one search term, you can narrow down which field to use and which values to use or avoid in your logic. The alternative is trying fields at random and hoping for the best.

In other words, Event Explore is your Funnel Configuration helper. It makes designing the logic easier, particularly if you're not familiar with the field definitions for the cm_event table.

Alternatively, go here for a comprehensive view of CaliberMind's data schema and field descriptions.

Where Do I Find the Event Explore?

You will need CaliberMind Admin access to use this feature.

To use Event Explore, you'll need to be on the edit screen for one of your funnels.

  1. After logging into, click on the settings cog:
settings cog for calibermind events
  1. Select "Funnels:"
admin menu screen shot
  1. Select "Funnels" again in the submenu:
funnel submenu selection
  1. Click on the name of the funnel you would like to edit. In this example, I'm selecting "Demand Generation" in our instance:
Demand generation funnel configuration
  1. The Event Explore feature is on the edit screen of your funnel and displays as a compass icon. Go ahead and click the icon:

event explore compass icon
  1. By default, the Event Explore popup will be minimized. Click on the bar to expose the window:
event explore hidden bar
  1. To search for a term, click the search icon:
search icon for event explore
  1. Start by searching for a broad term that could match what you're looking for. For example, if you want to know fields and values linked to LinkedIn activities, try searching for "LinkedIn." We'll search for the term "LinkedIn" in this example:
LinkedIn event explore search example
  1. Once you find the information you're looking for (in my example, I wanted to use "event_name" is equal to "LinkedIn Lead Gen Form" in my logic), note the column name and the value for your logic and close the popup by hitting the "X" to minimize explore:
close event explore popup
  1. If you need to use Event Explore again, just click the bar with the preview account at the bottom of your funnel edit screen to reopen Event Explore:
Reopening CaliberMind Event Explore Feature

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