Using Engagement Score to Trigger an Update in Salesforce


The CaliberMind Engagement score is a very powerful metric that helps your Marketing and Sales teams understand exactly how engaged a specific account is with CaliberMind. Most customers have this score automatically set as a customer field on the account and contacts so that they can easily create new reports right within Salesforce.

However, what if you want to use the engagement score to do much more? A common use-case is to have update a status field in Salesforce when an accounts engagement score had changed by a certain amount or gone through a threshold.

In this example we are going to show you how to setup CaliberMind to set a new status field in Salesforce to a specific value when the Engagement score goes above a certain value. Commonly this could be used to set an account to a specific status that triggers the account team to start paying attention or working on the account - it could even be used to automate the setting of a funnel stage.

Video Walk-through


In this example we want to trigger the status field on a Salesforce Account to be set to Marketing Qualified Account (MQA) whenever the accounts Engagement score in CaliberMind goes above the value of 10. The value of 10 was chosen because of the scoring model. In our scoring model an account generates enough events (say attends multiple webinars, downloads a number of pieces of relevant content, or asks for a demo) their score will go above the value of 10. In that case we want the Account to be marked for the BDR team to pick it up and qualify it further. That is indicated by the Funnel Status field - specifically being set to Marketing Qualified Account.


This example has 3 core objects that drive this trigger.

  1. Funnel Status - A new field (picklist) created on the Salesforce Account object. In this example the field has the variable name funnelstatus_c. The pick-list has a number of status fields, but the one we are interested in is Marketing Qualified Account (MQA).
  2. CaliberMind List - In CaliberMind we created a list that is used to determine all accounts that meet the specified criteria, and adds a static column to set the value in Salesforce. The list is named MQA Upgrade List for Push to Salesforce. The rules that govern this list creation are:
    a. cm_engagment.account_score > 10 - this gives us all accounts with engagement score > 10
    b. cm_engagement.model_name = Inbound180 - Use only account scores from the Inbound180 engagement model
    c. sf_account.account_status Not "Customer" - Filter out any accounts that are not customers
    d. sf_account.funnel_status is either"0. Unknown", "1. Target or Null" - Make sure we are only promoting accounts that are in stages 0 or 1.
    e. sf_account static field - Create a new static field named mqa_set_field and set it to the value 
  3. Marketing Qualified Account (MQA). This matches the pick-list value in the funnel_status field. For further instructions see the Knowledge Base Article on setting a static or custom field.
  4. CaliberMind Flow - A CaliberMind Flow is created to take the List created in step 2 and push changes into SalesForce on the Account Funnel_Status field. When creating the flow we started with the Create/Update records in Salesforce. We then set the List to MQA Upgrade List for Push to Salesforce, the same list as above. The Salesforce Object is set to Account.Finally we set two fields. First we set the id field. This makes sure that we are matching all accounts from our list to accounts in Salesforce by the id field. Second we push the value in the mqa_set_field (set above) to Funnel_Status_c. This will set the Funnel Status to the value in mqa_set_field.

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