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How to Create a Filter Bookmark

Filter Bookmarks is a concept in CaliberMind Insights that allows people to create pre-set filters for different user groups. Everyday use cases include:

  • Creating filters so digital marketers only see their relevant activities
  • Creating filters to narrow the accounts displayed to an ABM list or account tier
  • Focusing on a single region and subset of campaign data to keep a business unit focused on their target domain

Who Can Create Filter Bookmarks?

Anyone with access to a dashboard can create private filter sets. Dashboard designers and owners can create both public and private filter sets. Public filter sets will display to all users and allows for a centralized administrator to create pre-sets that can be used by different teams to showcase the data they care the most about.

How Do I Create a Bookmark Filter?

  1. Set the filters you would like to snapshot in the relevant dashboard:
filter settings on dashboard


  1. Click on the Save Bookmark button on the Filter Bookmark widget at the top of the applicable dashboard:
save bookmark filter


  1. Select whether you want the bookmark to be private or public to anyone who can view the dashboard:
public or private filters


  1. Create a name for your subset and click Save:
name your filter settings


We recommend creating only a few bookmark filters per dashboard and establishing an intuitive naming convention to limit confusion across teams. 


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