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Funnels FAQs Technical Documentation


Which Accounts Can Enter This Funnel?

The default Starter Funnel does not allow existing customers to enter the funnel. We define this as an account with at least one Closed Won opportunity. 

We recommend going into your Configuration settings and modifying the filter rules to allow churned accounts to re-enter this funnel. If you use the standard Type field on the Account object to indicate churned accounts or some other indicator, your customer success representative will help you update the Filter settings.

What If Someone Leaves the Funnel Early?

At each stage of the funnel prior to “Success” (or in this case, Customer), people may either time out or meet exit criteria when they disengage with the sales team. The record of the journey is retained and the stage they exit is stamped with an exit reason. Once they leave the journey, they are eligible to re-engage with your brand and re-enter the funnel at “Awareness.”

What If More Than 1 Person at an Account Responds?

It’s not uncommon for multiple people at an account to engage with a brand. Because this default funnel is an account-based funnel, CaliberMind stamps the first interaction to qualify for a stage and ignores other contacts and leads that qualify for the same or any lesser stages. 

This means multiple people may be associated with different stages of the funnel and your funnel never moves backward. Funnels either progress to the next stage, time out, or meet exit criteria.

Can a Lead Enter or Trigger a Journey Stage?

Yes! Leads can kick off a journey. If an account exists in your system and we can match it, we’ll look for signals across this account to determine whether or not later stages are met.

What If a Lead Later Identifies Against an Account Already In a Funnel Journey?

 If we find a match and it already has an active funnel journey, we will compare the two funnel records and merge them by using the earliest stage thresholds as the winning data points.

These funnel journey merges function a lot like a salesforce account or contact record merge. One journey will be considered the “winner” and we use the funnel stages that meet the funnel criteria first.

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