Connecting Tableau to CaliberMind

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You can access CaliberMind data in your Tableau environment through a dedicated service account. We provide data warehouse-level access to your Tableau Server allowing you full access to the entire data set in your Google BigQuery project. This is a great way to share insights from Attribution and ABM Scoring throughout your organization.

Getting Started

  1. Create a new support ticket in our Customer Portal here, requesting a new connection for your Tableau account.
  2. Our support team will work to establish the connectors, and will send you a file that contains your authentication key for the Tableau API connection. This file will be password encrypted and the password will be delivered separately from the original file.

Direct Integration from BigQuery to Tableau

In Tableau, select 'connect', and then select 'BigQuery'.

  1. Select 'Sign in using Service Account' under 'Authentication'.
  2. Select 'Browse' and choose the file that was sent by CaliberMind.
  3. Click 'Sign In' and enter password.

Once Connected...

  • On the Data Source page, select the project drop-down list to view the project to begin accessing BigQuery data right from Tableau.
  • Advanced modeling, visualization, and reporting should now be available!

Additional Information

  • Please reference the complete list of instructions here from Tableau if any trouble is encountered integrating BigQuery to Tableau, or feel free to reach out directly to the CaliberMind Customer Success Team.
  • This feature may have an additional connection fee, so please speak with your Sales Rep or Account Manager if you are unsure if this feature is included in your current contract.

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