Insights - Create Multiple Engagement Score Models

Create Multiple Engagement Score Models

Any newly created model will take up to 24 hours to update for use.
This is a multi-step tutorial

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Why Use Multiple Engagement Models?

This module aims to explain why you would want a different type of engagement model and how it can be created. Instead of duplicating our existing inbound model, we'll create a new model. The key reasons, for creating a new model include new versus expansion sales and differentiating model for expansion or renewal or a different product line/business unit.

When determining whether or not you need a new scoring model, think through how long it takes from the first touch to closing the sale and whether or not the buyer behavior differs. For example, with CaliberMind, we may want to look at product behavior, logins, and user creations instead of whether or not the visitor was on our website and interacting with CaliberMind marketing campaigns.

NOTE: The following instructions include steps: TOUCH SCORE, MULTIPLIER, FILTER, TIME DECAY PERIODS

Creating a New Touch Score Model

  1. On the CaliberMind Home Page click on the Settings Cog.
CaliberMind Settings Cog
  1. Choose ABM from the left-hand menu - I'm starting to create a NEW inbound model rather than replicating the existing one.
CaliberMind ABM Menu Selection
  1. Click the blue plus icon next to the header to create a new model.
CaliberMind Add New Scoring Model
  1. The create scoring model dialogue box appears. Give this model a name. (Don't worry about selecting a template) and click OK.
CaliberMind Create New Scoring Model dialogue box
  1. Click, Add Block.
CaliberMind Scoring Model Add Block button
  1. Click, Add Rule.
CaliberMind Scoring Model Add Rule button
  1. Select the desired table from the first drop-down list.
CaliberMind Table Drop Down Menu
  1. Select the desired Operator from the drop-down list.
CaliberMind Operator Drop-down Menu
  1. Select the required value from the Value Drop-down list
CaliberMind Value Drop-down Menu
  1. Move to the Score Value field and input the desired value.
CaliberMind Score Value Input Field

If any statements within the block are true, the score evaluates five points.

  1. If you have completed your logic click the Save button.
CaliberMind Save Button
Continue adding rules...
  1. Click the Add Rule button.
CaliberMind Add Rule Button
  1. Adding a block allows you to use a variety of logic. Toggle the And/Or button to select the correct logic for your rule.
Toggle the And/Or option to pick the right logic for your CaliberMind rule

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