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Connector Health and Web Tracker Health reports

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Connector Health and Web Tracker Health Reports

What is it?

Data Health Reports assist in monitoring the status of all connectors, as well as anomaly detection. The Data Health Reports consist of the Connector Health and Web Tracker Health reports.

How can I use these reports?

By leveraging these health reports, several potential issues with data can be detected.

The Connector Health widget on the Connector Health report shows all existing connectors and their current sync status. If a connector is broken, the user will see a red “Error” message.

CaliberMind Connector Health Widget

For a more detailed breakdown on syncing statistics, there is a widget at the bottom of the dashboard that displays the date of the last sync for each table pulling data via these connectors.

Also on the Connector Health report are widgets that calculate active row counts being pulled into CaliberMind. These can be used to compare row counts of previous months to the current month.

The Connector Health  Report Includes Widgets That Calculate Active Row Counts Being Pulled into CaliberMind

On the Web Tracker Health report, users can monitor Identify and Page Call statistics. Here, users can stay informed on the frequency and amount of these calls.

CaliberMind Web Tracker Health Reports lets You  Monitor Identity and Page Call Statistics

Lastly, users can monitor possible anomalies within the Identify and Page Call stats through the anomaly detection widgets, as too few or too many Identify or Page Calls can indicate something may be wrong.

CaliberMind Anomaly  Detection Widgets

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