How to use QuickFlows

In CaliberMind there are two ways of starting and kicking off a workflow. First is to create a standard Flow that runs on a specific schedule. This is perfect for flows that need to update data every hour or day. For example de-duplication processes, Lead to Account Matching, etc. The second type of flow is a QuickFlow. A QuickFlow is a flow that is run one-time and initiated directly from a specific list. It's perfect when you want to send a list to a destination (say Salesforce campaign, HubSpot List, Marketo Smartlist), want to run an enrichment process on a list, or make changes in Salesforce to specific accounts or contacts based upon merged data. These can be set on a schedule too, but by default run once.

Following are two examples on how to use a QuickFlow on a list. The first is how to initiate enrichment on a specific list of Domain's based on a list of Company names. The second is how to update a specific field in Salesforce based on a list of contacts, in this case changing the state of all contacts that match a specified criteria.

Example 1. - Using a QuickFlow to enrich Company names with Domain

  1. Create your Source List - In CaliberMind create a list of source company names. Here we are going to take a source list of companies that we have as a .csv and upload it.
    1. Select Create New List
    2. Upload your source list
    3. Select the list in CaliberMind and select Actions
    4. Choose the workflow you are interested in running, in this case Clearbit Domain Enrichment
    5. Fill in any details specific to the flow (in this case we just added a flow name)
    6. (Optional) Set the quickflow to run on reoccurring basis using the "Set Schedule" button.
    7. Select next and run the flow. You can see the flow in the Flow History Tab under the original list. If you want to see the results then click on the 3 dots-menu next to the flow and select View History.
    8. You can also go check out the results of the enrichment in the newly created list with company name and domains

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