Product Attribution Dashboard

Product Attribution Dashboard

What is it?

Product Attribution is a dashboard that allows you to see which marketing activities are driving the product pipeline.

Why is it Important?

Marketers can use product attribution to see which products are most profitable and which ones are least profitable. CaliberMind will allow you to attribute a dollar value to product families as well as their associated campaigns to determine which products to focus your team's efforts on.

How to Get the Most out of Product Attribution?

To take full advantage of the benefits Product Attribution has to offer it is crucial that you have product information already stored somewhere in your database. This will allow CaliberMind to parse your data and create subgroups based on product families as well as the campaigns they are attributed to.

Use case

Product attribution becomes useful when your company has multiple products that can be codified by class. For instance, if you have a total of 5 products that your company is selling and they fall into three different families (classes): SaaS, B2B, C2C. You would be able to see which products are generating the most revenue individually as well as by class.

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