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Engagement Overview: Explore Tab

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Common Use Cases & Questions Answered with the Campaigns Tab

If you're a Marketing Analyst seeking to conduct a comprehensive analysis of engagement data to identify patterns and trends:

  1. Navigate to the "Engagement Explore Table" in the Explore tab.
  2. Choose "Campaign" as the row, "Industry" as the column, and "Contributed to Score" as the metric.
  3. Analyze the data to understand how different campaigns contributed to the engagement score across various industries.
  4. Use insights to refine marketing strategies for specific campaigns targeting different industries.

If you're a Sales Manager who is looking to gain insights into the engagement levels of accounts and their contribution to the overall engagement score:

  1. Access the "Engagement Explore Table" in the Explore tab.
  2. Select "Company" as the row, "Region" as the column, and "Companies Engaged" as the metric.
  3. Explore the engagement breakdown by region and understand which companies are actively engaging.
  4. Leverage the information to tailor sales strategies for specific regions and companies.

If you’re a CMO who needs a high-level overview of engagement trends for decision-making:

  1. Review the KPI metrics at the top for a quick summary of active companies, active people, and overall engagement trends.
  2. Navigate to the "Engagement Explore Table" in the Explore tab for a detailed breakdown.
  3. Select relevant parameters for rows, columns, and metrics based on high-level strategic priorities.
  4. Make informed decisions and allocate resources based on high-level and detailed engagement insights.

Explore Tab

This Dashboard shows you aggregated Engagement data and allows you to use several Group By options to tell different stories. This allows you to see what is creating the most engagement with your brand.

Important Note: All filters apply to all widgets as a rule.

The KPI metrics shown at the top display for the Summary, Companies, People, Campaigns, Explore:

  1. Active Companies - displays the count of all known Companies with a > 0 Engagement Score based on the filters applied
  2. Change Last 30 - this metric relates to the Number of Companies and allows you to see whether you are trending in a positive or negative manner over the last 30 days
  3. Active People - displays the count of all known People with a greater than 0 Engagement Score based on the filters applied
  4. Active per Company - this metric tells you on average how many people are engaged at each of your engaged companies
Engagement Explore Table

This widget allows you to choose exactly how you want to slice and dice your Engagement data. We’ve selected what we believe to be the most used scenarios with our tabs, but if we haven’t created the view you want, the Explore tab is for you!

Filter how you want to view this table with different rows, columns, and measure metrics by selecting the blue Filter Drawer on the right!

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Engagement Overview: Campaigns Tab

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