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Adding Custom Columns in Salesforce

Add Custom Columns from cm_account_salesforce and cm_salesforce_lead tables to cm_account and cm_lead tables

What is a custom column in Salesforce?

CaliberMind custom Salesforce column

A Salesforce field represents a column in a relational database. In a record, it can store the data values that are necessary for a particular object. A Salesforce field is a data container that is used to store a specific type of information about a particular object. It stores the data values for a particular record in a relational database, and those values can be used to identify the record and access it.

Adding a Custom Column - Purpose

Every record in Salesforce contains a number of standard fields. Almost all CRM businesses have standard fields, such as company name, contact, account number, status, date, and amount. A standard field may not be sufficient to capture all the important information. To capture more detailed information, companies typically create custom fields. These fields are tailored to the specific needs of the business, allowing them to keep track of more specific details about their customers, such as purchase history or preferences. This can be accomplished through custom fields. You and your business can benefit from custom fields in Salesforce. Salesforce editions vary in the number of fields you can create.

Adding a Custom Column - Assumptions

Adding a custom column assumes the following:

  • Your system administrator will perform this action.
  • Salesforce has a maximum number of fields that can be added to the database. It is assumed that you have not exceeded your quota.

How to add a custom column from cm_account___salesforce and cm_salesforce_lead to be used in the cm_account and cm_lead tables.

CaliberMind Adding Custom Columns in Salesforce

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