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Connecting G2, Bombora, or 6sense

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Connecting G2, Bombora, or 6sense with CaliberMind

Intent data tells you about the research that your prospects, leads, or accounts are conducting to help you market your product in more effective ways. As it lets you identify your leads faster and empowers you to personalize your outreach, complementing intent data with your existing customer data in your CRM (i.e. Salesforce) will enable you to know which leads qualify for your products - and to get a better sense of where each stands in the buying funnel.

Because CaliberMind aims to be your single source of truth as we blend your data from your various systems and extract insights/analytics to back up your marketing performance, connecting G2, Bombora or 6sense will:

  1. Help you narrow the signals down to what actually leads to a sale (as opposed to ingesting all signals)
  2. Augment lead / account scoring to include in attribution in demonstrating ROI in the data

How to connect by Salesforce?

If you are pushing your G2, Bombora, or 6sense data into your Salesforce environment, you will need to expose your custom object where this data is feeding into so CaliberMind can pull that data directly from Salesforce. When the data is ingested, CaliberMind matches what's inside of your Salesforce environment with account identifiers associated with events living inside of Salesforce.

How to connect by Google Analytics?

Both Bombora (*enrichment data) and 6sense offer products which integrate with your Google Analytics connector. Once you have integrated the services within Google Analytics, please provide your CSM with the custom dimensions that contain the company domain and/or company name. We will then match this data against your CRM data to create "Anonymous" events on the Company records within CaliberMind.

How to connect by SFTP?

With Bombora, we can ingest the intent data via SFTP (enrichment data in Bombora is ingested via Google Analytics). Once connected, we will then match this data against your CRM data to create "Anonymous" events on the Company records within CaliberMind. *Note: there may be an additional connector fee associated with this option.

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