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Engagement Overview: People Tab

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Common Use Cases & Questions Answered with the People Tab

If you’re a Sales Manager who needs to evaluate the performance of your sales team members:

  1. Apply "Company Owner" filters to focus on specific sales team members.
  2. Use the "Person Detail" table to analyze engagement scores, job levels, and scored events for individual salespeople.
  3. Leverage the "Change Last 30" metric to assess the trending engagement performance of the team over the last 30 days.
  4. Optimize sales strategies based on the engagement insights gained.

If you’re a Marketing Analyst looking to assess the impact of marketing campaigns on individual job levels:

  1. Set the "Group By" filter to "Job Level" to analyze engagement scores within different job levels.
  2. Utilize the "Contribution to Score Over Period" widget to assess the contribution of each job level to the overall engagement score.
  3. Explore the "Person Detail" table to understand the engagement scores and events associated with individuals in each job level.
  4. Adjust campaign strategies based on the engagement trends observed.

If you're a CMO looking to gain a high-level overview of the overall engagement trends in the organization:

  1. Review the KPI metrics for a quick summary of active companies, active people, and overall engagement trends.
  2. Utilize the "Contribution to Score Over Period" and "Contribution Over Time" widgets to understand aggregated engagement trends.
  3. Apply filters selectively to focus on key parameters relevant to strategic decisions.
  4. Make informed decisions and allocate resources based on high-level engagement insights.

People Tab

This Dashboard shows you aggregated Engagement data and allows you to use several Group By options to tell different stories. This allows you to see what is creating the most engagement with your brand.

Important Note: All filters apply to all widgets as a rule.

The KPI metrics shown at the top display for the Summary, Companies, People, Campaigns, Explore:

  1. Active Companies - displays the count of all known Companies with a > 0 Engagement Score based on the filters applied
  2. Change Last 30 - this metric relates to the Number of Companies and allows you to see whether you are trending in a positive or negative manner over the last 30 days
  3. Active People - displays the count of all known People with a greater than 0 Engagement Score based on the filters applied
  4. Active per Company - this metric tells you on average how many people are engaged at each of your engaged companies
Contribution to Score Over Period (Top 10 by…)

This widget allows the user to see Aggregated Person Contribution to Engagement Score by using a dynamic “Group by” selection. By default we will be showing by Job Level. You are also able to determine the look-back period by selecting a Date Period and Date Aggregation.

  1. The title of this widget is dynamic based on your Group By selection, in this case “Job Level” was selected.
  2. The x-axis shows you a time range based on your selections of “Date Periods” and “Date Aggregation” in the filter drawer. An example of how to set this up would be to select “All Time” for the “Date Period,” “Month” for the Date Aggregation and “Job Level” for the Group by Selection, this would then show you month over month Contribution to Overall Score by Industry for as far back as your Engagement Model goes. This helps you understand which Industry has been generating the most Engagement with your brand recently.
  3. The legend on the chart will show the values based on the “Group By” selection you’ve made. In this case we have selected Industry and we see values like “Director,” “Functional,” “Manager,” etc.
Person Detail
  1. Person Detail - This table shows you Engagement Scores by Person and allows you to see a variety of related metrics
  2. Person displays the Person Name and allows the user to link to the Person Detail Overview with the selected Person being shown
  3. Company displays the Company Name and allows the user to link to the Company Detail Overview with the selected Company being shown
  4. Contact Owner displays the Contact Owner of the selected Person from the CRM
  5. Job Level displays the Job Level of the selected Person from the CRM
  6. Department displays the Department of the selected Person from the CRM
  7. Scored Events displays the sum of unique events for the selected Person
  8. Current Engagement Score displays the current Weighted Engagement Score for the selected Person

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